It kinda seems like former Vice President, Joe Biden is losing his mind. And that would make sense as he and his family have been at the center of the presidential election and he has been not performing as well as his campaign might have thought.

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This is where the young lady comes in.

Biden had been campaigning at a town hall event in New Hampshire earlier on Sunday. At some point, he started to receive questions from the crowd and she takes the mic.


Her question was simple and addressed his poor performance in Iowa and how can supporters be confident in his ability to win against Donald Trump in the larger election.

Biden admits, “That’s a good question,” and went on to list why he did not seem to perform well.

The former Delaware senator says, “Number 1: I was a Democrat in caucus. You ever go to caucus?”

While you can’t see in the video posted on social media, she answers him and he replies, “No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier. You said you were but you have to be honest and I am now going to be honest with you.”

Biden later tells people that he pulled the line from an old John Wayne bit that he saw years ago. However, no one can find evidence that John Wayne ever said this.

According to TMZ, “It could be because the line that Joe suspects in the untitled Wayne film is probably actually from 1952 Tyrone Power Film called ‘Pony Soldier’ who consistently uses this phrase. The whole movie is on YouTube, but we couldn’t find that pony comment.”

Even if they did find the quote, Uncle Joe… who is checking for anything that John Wayne has ever done. Don’t you remember what Chuck D said about him and Elvis in “Fight the Power?”