Surveillance footage released Saturday showed Lori Harvey fighting off would-be robbers who tried to steal her 2020 Rolls Royce Cullinan. The attack all happened in Atlanta, Future’s hometown.

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Footage obtained by TMZ shows Harvey parking her Rolls at an apartment complex on Wednesday night and went to the trunk. That’s when one of the robbers sneaks up on her, opens the driver’s door and tries to make a run for it with the Rolls. Harvey acts quickly and struggles with the driver. She then walks away from the car. Harvey told police that she walked away from the vehicle when she realized that the car wouldn’t turn on without the key fob. That’s when another robber jumped out the getaway car, ran to the trunk and grabbed a duffel bag and left.

Apparently the robbers didn’t make away with much. There were just some clothes in the duffel bag.


Authorities are trying to figure out if Lori was followed to the apartment complex. She said that she had just come back from Whole Foods, so they’re checking surveillance cameras to see if there was any suspicious activity.