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In a time where “reboots” are so popular, fans couldn’t forget about one of the ’90s most classic shows, Sister, Sister. The show starred Tia and Tamera Mowry, who are twins separated at birth. At some point, the sisters meet for the first time while shopping at the mall. After the families meet, Tamera’s father allows Tia and her mom to move into his home so that the family can be as one.

For years fans have been missing the classic show, as the twin sisters have hinted at a potential reboot, but it just never seemed to come about. Recently, Tia Mowry went on The Tamron Hall Show to set the record straight. When asked about a reboot of the 90s sitcom, Mowry responded, “So many people are asking this question. We tried. We tried to do it but some rights and stuff kind’ve got in the way. Yes, legalities is why and it makes me sad,” she stated.

If not Sister, Sister, Tia Morwy is also well known for her role as Melony Barnett Davis on The Game. Sadly, Mowry has also confirmed that they cast attempted to reboot the hit television show but, for similar reasons, as Sister, Sister, it’s unlikely that the show will make a return.


“And then also we even tried to reboot The Game and that’s now not happening. I’m sorry I just think that reboots are just not in my…” the actress stated before laughing in frustration.