In 2008, Staten Island rapper Shyheim known as The Rugged Child released a song titled “Look at Me,” which was a diss track towards Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon. Last month, the “On and On” rapper was released from prison after doing a five-year bid. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, he issued an apology to Raekwon about the diss track and acknowledged the Wu-Tang legend’s innocence.

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“The thing with Raekwon, looking back on it he really didn’t do nothing wrong,” Shyheim said. “Raekwon doesn’t owe me anything, at all. When the situation happened, I felt entitled. I felt like you should support me, you should represent me, I’m from Staten Island. Why not push and support me.”

He went on to admit that at the time, he was not in the proper state of mind to handle the situation in a “political” manner, which would involve a civil sit down between the two men. Instead, he was lenient towards handling the matter the hip-hop way by releasing a diss track.


“I’m like if you not with me you’re against me. But I was wrong for that. It should have been done in a more politically way. But when you’re in that lifestyle, you’re not thinking political. I’m not thinking ‘yo, yo we can sit down’ so I’m like f*ck all that man. Pick up the mic let’s go. I handled it now I thought emcees should handle it when another emcee you feel disrespected.”

He also acknowledged all of the big brother acts Raekwon has done for him throughout his career. Heralded as The Rugged Child, Shyheim was frequently featured on several Wu-Tang Clan skits and made classic appearances including Wu-Tang Forever’s “The Projects.”

“That was my big brother. I forget about the times when Rae May have just been there or said something to me or just vibed with me and we had good times too. I forgot about that,” he said. “Rae man…I’m not a say sorry type of guy but I do apologize for that at that time.”

Raekwon never responded to “Look at Me,” or publicly shared any negative commentary about Shyheim. He is the younger cousin of Ghostface Killah so Raekwon’s silence is possibly on the grounds of civility and respect Easily, this is the Wu Legend’s way of maintaining his big brother stance. Hopefully, now that Shyheim is back on the scene, fans will gain some satisfaction with seeing The Rugged Child reunited with the Wu-Tang Clan.