The New York Knicks have been a mess of an organization for over two decades now. To be honest, they can use all the help they can get. Enter Steve Stoute.

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Stoute, who now is doing brand consulting for the New York Knicks as one of his responsibilities, appeared on ESPN’s First Take to discuss trying to make that franchise relevant again. Of the many things Stoute said during the interview, his main selling point to Knicks’ fans was that he will be their Drake.

Stoute also acknowledged that his role with the organization may expand beyond branding, claiming he’ll have a “loud voice” in the room as the Knicks navigate yet another overhaul of management.


Following the First Take interview, Knicks’ public relations team went to work and released a statement to clarify a few things.

To be honest, Drake had very little to do with the Raptors winning the NBA Championship last season. While he is a global phenomenon, when it comes to constructing a winning basketball team, Drake isn’t even in the conversation about who to bring in.

Stoute is usually successful at everything he does, this new role with the Knicks will be challenging to say the least.