Charlamagne Tha God has been politically active in this 2020 election cycle and is now questioning why Black Americans are supporting two candidates who supported legislation that damaged the Black community.

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Charla posted a clip from his interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett and in the caption, the Radio Host asks how Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg are getting African-American support.

“How does Joe Biden who architected racist legislation like the 94 crime bill and the 86 crack laws and Michael Bloomberg who oversaw stop and frisk garnering the most support in the Black community?”


The Black Privilege author who endorsed Senator Kamala Harris before she dropped out of the race has been impressed with Mayor Pete Buttigieg and his agenda for the Black community.

“Mayor Pete was one of the first people to step up…and actually say ‘I have a Black agenda.’”

Buttigieg, an openly gay candidate, is polling at 4 percent nationally with African Americans according to CNN. Black voters have reportedly turned to Bloomberg despite his poor record. As for Biden, the benefits of being the Vice President for the first Black president Barack Obama are carrying him in Black support.

Mayor Pete currently holds second place nationally behind Bernie Sanders with Bloomberg just really getting into the campaign after skipping the first two primaries.