So what Donald Trump has shot down the idea of putting Harriet Tubman on a $20 dollar bill. We didn’t need that validation anyway… At least that is what the One United Bank said when they decided to put the abolitionist on their premium Visa Debit card.

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Just in time for Black History Month, we get to see one of our favorites on the one item that epitomizes the very system that enslaved the enslaved.

One United Bank is America’s largest black-owned bank and created this card. It is FDIC insured and believes that money earned within the community should help the community. A driving focus of this almost 50-year-old institution is to educate Black people about the $1.2 trillion dollars that make up our communities’ spending power. It also encourages Black-owned businesses to hire people that look like them.


So it comes to no surprise that they would put the great liberator on their card. But why would they have her do the Wakanda sign?

That’s at least what Twitter is wondering. Check out how this prestigious bank got dragged online.

Can’t please everyone. Let’s just enjoy Ms. Tubman and spend some money.