The Hip-Hop world was in a frenzy when group member and friend Turk took to twitter to inform fans BG is officially home and they need to brace up for what’s about to pop off. Wednesday morning he took to the popular social media platform and stated, “BG be home get ready!”

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One of the most unique voices in Hip-Hop and member of the Hot Boys is allegedly free after serving an over decade long bid with the fed on gun charges he got back in 2009. Rapper BG was a part of the Cash Money crew essential for the epic take over of the 99 and 2000’s that put New Orleans on a map in a way not achieved since Master P’s No Limit era. So, of course, people were excited. Well, some people were more skeptical.

But those who were on the fence and not believing changed their minds when that afternoon, Turk seemed followed up later with a tweet that clearly put an end to the #FreeBG campaign started over years ago by fans: “There is no more free BG, It’s #BGFree”


Fans rejoiced believing that there might be a Hot Boy reunion and new music could be on the way. But then… their bubble was kinda burst. Kinda.

While it is reportedly true that BG will be coming home soon, the time is not known. An overly excited Turk, jumped out the window on this one.

Here his explanation.