It’s been said that face tattoos are a sign of mental instability, but self-proclaimed “hoe” Amber Rose gave a heartfelt explanation on the meaning and purpose of the tattoos on her forehead.

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In an exclusive interview on Fox Soul’s One On One with songstress Keyshia Cole, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa’s former flame expounded on how the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in that horrific helicopter crash on January 26 inspired her to get the tattoo of her children’s names that she always wanted.

” I don’t people to be like, ‘Oh Kobe died so you went and got a tattoo?’ But, it was kinda like that because I thought about my dad and my dad had cancer when he was 40. He went through remission and he’s good, but he almost died. I’m 36. And I was like, I’ve been wanting this tattoo for a long time and I was like, you know what? Life is so short. Just do it.”


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