Wendy Williams comes from quite a pedigree. Middle classed and Jersey-born, her family rubbed elbows with some very prestigious people. One of which was back in the was former presidential candidate, Shirley Chisholm.

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On Wednesday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, in addition to her Hot Topics and interview with one of the New Jersey housewives, she did a Black History tribute moment. So, why not highlight her mother and father’s friend? However, during the bit, she did not seem to have been prepped very well by her staff.

The segment went like this.


“So look… it is February still and it is time for Black History Month. Today, we are honoring Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. Back in 1968, Shirley became the first Black woman elected in the U.S. Congress. In 2015, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. We honor you, Ms. Chisholm.”

Beautiful. She might have wanted to stop there. But a very endearingly excited Williams broke script and gave one of her childhood memories about the first Black from a major party and first woman from the Democratic party to run for president.

“By the way, Ms. Chisholm,” she said as she stared right into the camera as if she was speaking to the late politician. “Do you remember when my mom and dad had you for dinner? While you were running and I sat on the dishwasher door and broke it?”

Light laughter emerged from the crowd as she recounted the story like an excited child.

Still, She continued, “My parents took me upstairs and spanked me, but they kept it from you. You’re very civilized. Anyway… true story.”

Not only was it a true story, one that she has fondly recounted before [ed. note: We are real Wendy fans “How you doing?”] but it was also very sweet.

However, Ms. Chisholm transitioned on New Year’s Day in 2005. Not only was she an amazing politician, but she also gave back. She was a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.