Sean John Combs has changed his names several times since we have known him.

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First, he was Puffy. Then we knew him as Puff Daddy. He got some money (a lot of money) and then he became P. Diddy. He started dating movie stars and hanging out in St. Barth and then he became simply Diddy. But as he got older, more mature and more invested in his personal life, Diddy went back to Daddy, but with a whole other tone to it.

And as we have seen the evolution of his nicknames contrasted to where he is in life, it was refreshing to see the moniker Brother Love pop up last year.


Sure, many teased him about yet another name, but Brother Love seems like the most applicable name for the Bad Boy tastemaker and cultural icon. He is wearing it well, especially after the untimely demise of one of the great loves of his life, Kim Porter in 2018.

From his Soul Food Sundays to his celebration at the Roc Nation ‘Black Billionaire Brunch’ to speech at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Dinner, Combs is exuding Love every time he opens his mouth, organizes a gathering (invite me please, invite me please) or posts on social media.

So, it is no surprise and quite fitting that he has officially changed his middle name from “John” to “Love” to start his 2020 off right.

In a series of social media posts, he shares with fans and friends this momentous occurrence and how he is celebrating it. First, he is having a party for spread love in Miami.

Secondly, he is asking everyone to check out a real love story on his network.

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