All-Star weekend is in full effect in the Windy City, and Kanye West is pulling out all the stops this weekend in his hometown. On Friday, Kanye and his team drove around the streets of Chicago giving out free pairs of his new Yeezy sneaker.

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Kanye and his team loaded multiple pairs of the new Yeezy Quantum basketball sneaker inside Sherp ATV’s and gave out free pairs of the sneaker to people who were willing to give up the shoes on their feet. In the video below, you see people giving up their Fear Of God Nike Air 1’s for the new Yeezy. However, you had to give up a sneaker of equal value because someone’s Air Force 1’s were denied.

Yeezy fans have been anticipating the release of the Quantum since mid-2018 when Kanye and his camp were seen wearing the sneaker. The Quantum is the first basketball sneaker from Yeezy and is officially set to release at select stores in the Chicago area for this weekend for $250 in two versions: a basketball version and a lifestyle version. However, it is unknown when there will be a wider release.


Back in 2018, rumors spread that the shoe might be banned from the NBA because of the reflective heel. However, those rumors were put to rest when an NBA spokesperson stated that the shoe had not been submitted for review.