Back in 2012,  a Miami-born Zoe by the name of Succes St. Fleur set out on his mission to take over the world of comedy. Hinging his jokes on growing up West Indian in the United States, this 25 year old pushed himself to the forefront of Caribbean comedians and expanded his craft in the Black entertainment capital of ATL.

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In 2018 Success Jr found himself at a crossroads with Instagram fame and the need to make more money after he quit his 9-5. He became a sensation in the Haitian community by portraying the typical, strict Caribbean mother named ‘Mama Jr’. As his numbers grew online, he began traveling for comedy shows for hosting gigs and special appearances.

Success and his best friend comedian Plus Pierre decided to create a tour basically taking his online content and extending them live for his massive amount of fans around the world. He added other notable comedians / artists and found a great amount of success as the tour sold out in almost every city. He is now gearing up for the second tour, which is slated for the summer of 2020.