A Baltimore substitute teacher is currently under investigation at Halethorpe Elementary after multiple parents have accused her of performing lap dances on their children and playing a series of inappropriate games.

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The substitute apparently asked the fourth grade class of students to pull their chairs out from their desk so she could see their work, and then she allegedly proceeded to bounce on their laps. Laura Grover tells reporters after her daughter refused to follow the instructions, the Baltimore substitute “dug her nails” into her daughter’s armpits.

In a brief statement, school officials said, “We have been made aware of the situation that occurred on Tuesday at Halethorpe ES and the stories that have been shared on Facebook. We have been informed that the school administration is actively handling the situation and the proper authorities for BCPS, as well as CPS and the police, have been notified.”


Another parent, Sandra Zook, said that the substitute pulled her 9-year-old son towards after holding his arms above his head and crossing her legs around him, and proceeded to kiss him on the cheek twice.

Zook and Grover state that te substitute asked students to play a “clapping game,” asking them to name body parts including the “breast” and “nipple.”

Parents became aware of the situation after an automated voice mail was sent out from the school, urging them to speak with the school’s principal for details on the incident. In a transcription that Baltimore County schools released to Baltimore Sun Media, the voice mail stated,  “It was reported to our administration that a substitute teacher allegedly exhibited unprofessional behavior during the class.” The voice mail assures parents that school officials have “immediately investigated this report and took action to remove the substitute teacher from the classroom.”

Parents also claim that the substitute made the fourth-grade class run around in a circle while she pulled chairs out to trip them. One mom states that her son injured his leg from climbing over desks, in an attempt to hide from the substitute.

Lisa Mack, Baltimore Board of Education Staff, wrote on Facebook to address parents about the disturbing situation. “Due to existing BCPS policy and rules, I may not be able to share details of any investigation, BUT please know that I am aware of the situation and will work with the Superintendent and his staff to ensure that all of our kids are safe.”