Quando Rondo’s concert in Norfolk Virginia came to a quick end after a fan in the crowd threw a bottle of water at him. A video of the incident is released to social media. In the video, you can see the “Imperfect Flower” rapper performing shirtless on stage when he is all of a sudden hit in the face with a bottle of water.

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The Savannah Georgia native, then yells at the crowd, in an attempt to find out who threw the bottle. “Who the f*ck did that? Hey, on 6-0, who did that? Go get the rod.” The rapper says before jumping into the crowd to address his attacker.

After the show, the rapper took to Instagram to address the situation. “I put this on 6-0, y’all bitch ass niggas knew not to come outside. On God, I was gon’ sling that iron at y’all niggas’ ass, on hood… On my mama, whoever threw that water at me, I put this on gang, this on everything I love. If y’all niggas woulda came outside ya’ll ass woulda got stepped on.”


The rapper must have then calmed down because the following day, he posted on his Instagram saying, “On hood, that sh*t ain’t even that serious, man. On God, Y’all n*ggas talking about a water bottle. Y’all niggas p*ssies pinker than these 50s,” he says as he flexes a whole lotta cash.

At the top of the year, the Georgia native released his 18 track debut album, QPac. The album charted #22 on Billboard Hot 200 Album Chart. Rondo is currently on tour and selling merch for his QPac album.

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