A 26-year-old Wisconsin man has been arrested after setting the mother of his two children, Savanna Bailey, 23 on fire.  

According to WISN 12 News Savanna’s mother, Wanda Bailey, said the man put the two girls outside in the -19-degree wind chill, then went back inside to attack her daughter. 

Savanna Bailey has burns on 60 percent of her body, is sedated and on oxygen at St. Mary’s Hospital according to the report.

Her family said she will likely need many surgeries and will be in the hospital for the next two to three months. 


Bailey’s younger sister Sharissa Johnson expressed her disbelief, in a statement she says “I’m at a loss for words. She doesn’t look like herself, but I know that’s my sister.” 

The damage is so bad Bailey will need more surgies and could be in the hospital for possibly two to three months. 

Wanda Bailey says she wants to the suspect pay for his crime. She also believes he is an unfit father. 

“How my daughter is suffering, I want him to suffer. He was out of order. He should have been out they life a long time ago,” Wanda Bailey said. “He didn’t care nothing about her so what makes you think he care about the kids?”

At this time, the man has not been charged.  A GoFundMe Page has been setup to help Baily with medical expenses and childcare expenses.