Atlanta artist, Alonzo Mathis, better known as Gorilla Zoe is now being hit with a gun charge after attempting to air travel with a loaded gun in his luggage. This would be the Boys N Da Hood, rapper’s second run-in with authorities in a three-month time span.

In November, Gorilla Zoe was arrested for domestic violence following an altercation that occurred at a hotel. According to the police report, Zoe seemed to be trying to get his girlfriend into the hotel room, when she refused the rapper pushed her onto the ground. She proceeded to get away by locking Zoe out on the balcony of the hotel room. In a rage, Zoe began punching and kicking the glass door, causing his girlfriend to let him in. Moments later, the cops would walk into an angered Zoe pinning down his girlfriend. He was arrested for domestic violence but later released from a $2,500 bond.

When being searched by TSA, security would find a loaded .38 caliber gun in the rapper’s bag. Zoe was charged with one count of carrying a concealed firearm. Zoe would later be released after posting a $500 bond. The authorities also suspended the rapper’s gun license.