50 Cent stopped by Cigar Talk recently and spilled some tea after Mase decided to call Diddy out following his Black empowering Grammys speech.

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The Harlem rapper claimed Puff refused to sell him back his publishing rights for $2 million because of the “European man” paying top dollar for it. This controversy sparked a conversation within the music industry about shady, but common, deals.

50 called Mase out for being a hypocrite, claiming “he’s doing the same shi*t to young boys now.” The Queens mogul continued, “Fivio [Foreign]. He’s doing the same thing that they did to you, boy. What the fck you crying about some sht that somebody did to you and you doing it to someone else? Get the f*ck out of here, man.”


The show’s host Naji took to Twitter to shut down down Fifty’s claims, saying Mase showed him receipts that he’s not screwing over the rising Brooklyn rapper. “PSA: I spoke to Mase today. He called me & showed me paperwork saying he took 0% of Fivio Foreign’s publishing rights,” Naji wrote. “Fivio & Mase do have an existing agreement which I won’t disclose. But, we will have clarity soon, on a lot of issues. #CigarTalk.”

It looks like you can expect an upcoming episode of Cigar Talk with Mase.