Not many films can capture the magic of creating a great and engaging narrative. Even fewer can do multiple storylines and intertwine them so effortlessly. None can do what executive producer and film star Wanly Florexile has done with Love Is Blind. Using this film to launch his streaming film app Flo X, being the first independent black film director to do so, he intended to make sure it was great. Not only was it that but it was revolutionary! 

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The movie is the follow up to the acclaimed web series of the same name. More than just cultural clashes and forbidden love, the film expands on themes of murder and retribution. Starring Jonathan Duran and Wanly Florexile, Love is Blind warns that anyone with a vengeance can be anyone ready to serve as judge, jury, and execute. The mantra that everyone is a suspect serves the film well and drives up the suspense level a couple of notches! 

In a hunt for a serial rapist and psychopath  “Mohammed” (Duran), who is gang banging, pops prescription drugs daily, rapes then kill girls or women who he feels doesn’t practice the “pure” Muslim faith; street protector “Lee” (Wanly) with the help of another street gangster “Mercy” (Rodney Yates), cross paths to bring Mohammed down. Also, Lee is looking for the person who killed his childhood friend Robert. The screening in Brooklyn, New York was packed and people left happy about the quality of the story told in Love is Blind.


A huge twist occurs at the end which spells out a sequel that’s in production which had me in shock! I was not alone, the audience left with screams of “What’s next.” which speaks about Wanly’s power of catching the attention of viewers. Without giving too much of the plot, Love Is Blind is a much watch indie film but the lovers of good cinema and story.