Canadian artist Tory Lanez has recently just dropped his fourth studio album Chixtape 5, featuring a number of R&B/hip-hop favorites. This would be the 5th edition of his Chixtape series that includes samples from the early 2000s era.

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Tory Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson is now giving fans an inside look at his creative process behind the making of Chixtape 5. He titles the behind the scenes documentary, ChixDoc. The episode starts off with Tory claiming his Chixtape series to be the biggest R&B project of this decade.

“I don’t think that there was a bigger R&B project or R&B series, in our time from 2010 to what’s about to be 2020, that was bigger than Chixtapes,” said the singer.


The video then goes into a transition of the behind the scenes behind the making of the album. “The ‘Chixtapes’ are a series of all R&B, being projects. the ‘Chixtape 1’ was to sound like early 80s. The ‘Chixtape 2’ was to sound like late 80s. The ‘Chixtape 3′ was to sound like early/mid 90s. The’ Chixtape 4′ was supposed to be late 90s, which brings us to ‘Chixtape 5’,” said the “Say It” singer.

As fans watch the footage of Tory in his zone. Tory then let fans in on how he gets his inspiration from music. “That was stuff that my brothers and older siblings grew up on and kind of introduced me to. I’m the youngest of six kids and seeing their taste of whatever they grew up on, that’s kind of my memorabilia of the eighties and things like that,” he stated.

Tory then lets fans know his opinion on what truly makes an R&B hit. “Yo. The adlibs at the end of the R&B songs are the most important thing over everything. Nothing is more important than when a n***a just start singing that sh*t,” he says.

Over the years, Tory has been able to wear more hats than just a singer’s. The Chixdoc series is directed by MidJordan and Tory Lanez himself. Tory explains his role in producing. “Before ‘Chixtape 1’ I never even thought I was ever gonna be producing. That wasn’t my thing. I was about writing songs and making songs that matter to me, it wasn’t about nothing else,” Lanez explained.

The singer has not announced when future episodes of the docuseries will air, but if you are a Tory Lanez fan, check out the full episode to episode one, on Youtube.

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