Everyone in Hip-Hop is mourning the death of Brooklyn Trill artist Pop Smoke. His untimely demise, cloaked in a veil of confusion, has many flashbacking to the crude murders of Tupac and Biggie from the 90s.

And like those two artists, it would seem like days before his murder, he was in the kitchen cooking.

A week prior, he told Angie Martinez that he has some music coming where he would be showing off his vocal skills. Then, he was hemmed up in the lab with his fellow rapper from Kings County, Sheff G. Even Travis Scott teased new unleased music with Pop.

However, only one day before his death, he was collaborating with someone else. King Combs has taken to IG to reveal that the two young Gen Yers were also working on music for fans.

His simple caption read: “Was just with you last night Bro! smh!! RIP RIP 💔@realpopsmoke 💫💫”

With both of their swags on 10K, you can bet that whatever they got for the world is gonna be straigh heat.