This week, T-Pain partnered with Trident to surprise Chicagoans during their afternoon commute with a special live performance, which featured his new single “Get Up.”

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T-Pain was located outside one of the busiest train stations in the city and encouraged people to “chew through” their daily commute.

“Being on tour and working toward a new album, I’ve been moving and working nonstop. I’m a big gum chewer for sure as it helps me power through all that work. I might be stuck in traffic at some point throughout the day or get writer’s block in the studio, and chewing my favorite gum helps me stay positive and get me back in my rhythm. That’s why I was thrilled to partner with Trident and help turn something tedious into something positive,” said T-Pain.


In addition to T-Pain, chewing gum is an effective stress-coping habit. Trident researchers found 46% of Americans are stressed on a typical day. Both T-Pain and Trident were on hand to help.

You can see pieces of the pop-up performance below.