People are taking Deontay Wilder’s loss to The Gypsy King, Tyson Fury really hard. In fact, they are taking it as a racial slight that put a stain on an already testy 2020 and a blemish on the unusually proud Black History Month celebration.

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Many are longing for the day when you could count on your boxing champions to be— boxing champions. Oh… where are the Muhammad Alis? Where are the Suga Ray Leonards? Apollo Creed or your damn son? We are looking for a Tyson… but he is from Brownsville and he bites ears not licks blood. B. Hop… are you chilling somewhere with a cheesesteak and Morones?

At last… why… oh why… are you retired, Floyd Mayweather? Surely, you would not have let your people down… Surely, you would have kept your cool, demolishing this tough-talking Rocky wannabe?


Black Twitter most certainly was longing for those good old days.

Maybe you are not saying that at all. We know that Melle Mel knew all along that Tyson Fury was going to tap that chin.

“I’m going with Tyson Fury. He is a better boxer and he is going to be in better shape.” The Grandmaster says to The Source Sports staff recently in an interview.

Not everyone had loving comments about Mayweather. One person clowned him, not over his boxing skills but his poor reading and writing skills.

If we could have a fantasy fight, would you like to see Floyd and Tyson go at it?