It has been a sad week for the hip hop community and for the family of Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke. Smoke, whose real name is Bashar Barakah Jackson, was killed in an apparent home robbery in Hollywood Hills, CA on Wednesday, Feb 19.

Since his death, investigators have been trying to find the people responsible for Smoke’s death, as well as a motive for killing the 20-year-old rapper. New details are emerging of the days leading up to Pop Smoke’s murder.

On Saturday, it was reported that Pop Smoke canceled a show in New York due to the anticipated gang presence just days before his untimely death. Pop Smoke was set to perform at King’s Theater in Brooklyn but the show was canceled. Smoke first blamed the NYPD but law enforcement representatives say that Smoke was actually the one who called the performance off.

Apparently, Smoke was out on bail for illegally transporting a stolen Rolls Royce across the country and was ordered to stay away from gang members. However, Smoke knew there would be a bunch of gang members at his performance and decided to cancel it.


Since his death, surveillance footage has been released and authorities believe that the shooting might be gang-related. It was also revealed that Pop Smoke might have accidentally posted the address to his Airbnb on Instagram.

However, no arrests for Pop Smoke’s murder have been made yet.