Chicago’s G Herbo is gearing up to release his new album, PSTD on February 28th. The cover art for the album has fans anticipating the new music as it depicts an interesting photo of the 24-year-old holding an American flag. The flag appears to be shot through will bleeding effects, replacing the 50 states with lost loved ones of the “Who Run It” rapper.

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In a phone conversation with HipHopDX G Herbo said: “When the lawyer told me to go see the therapist, it was really just me embracing it. I think I was already aware of the issue, and why I even had to get arrested or have to carry a gun in the first place.”

The rapper his referring to his 2018 arrest, along with two other individuals after a limousine driver called the police on the group for having guns on their person.


“It’s like, we kind of don’t know that we suffer from these mental health issues. I’m a product of that. I was shot at. I seen my first murder at nine years old,” Herbo said. “A lot of this stuff that we encounter on a day-to-day basis, we think is normal just because it’s our reality. We think it’s something we’re supposed to be going through. I feel like in the poverty-stricken neighborhoods, a lot of us are suffering from PTSD. I thought it was important for me because I know it’s a lot of people who are like me.”

The rapper would then go into detail about his connection with rapper, 21 Savage, who will be featured on a song titled, “By Any Means.” He mentioned that the two share a similar background and are able to relate to similar situations. “We have had serious conversations about what we are to the people and just embracing it,” He began. “Our flaws and the shit that we’ve been through that made us make some of the good and bad decisions that we made in our life. We had those conversations before, and that’s kind of what inspired the record or what wanted me to put Savage on the record. I knew that it was a record that was true to him, as well as it’s true to me because we’ve been through a lot of the same stuff.”

In the meantime, The Chicago rap star has begun his PTSD tour, this month on the tenth. The tour will conclude on March 22, 2020.

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