Filmmaker and now-convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein may be going to jail for a few years and Twitter is upset.

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According to CNN, Weinstein has been found guilty of raping a woman and a criminal sex act with another by a New York jury after hearing testimony from six women and a 26.5-hour deliberation. 

The jury heard testimony from the following:


Miriam Haley, a former production assistant at The Weinstein Company; Former actress Jessica Mann; Emmy nominated actress Annabella Sciorra; Costume designer Dawn Dunning; Aspiring actress Tarale Wulff and Screenwriter Lauren Marie Young.

He was acquitted of three other charges, including a predatory sexual assault charge which involved two women, Miriam Haley and Jessica Man. That was the most severe charge, and many are disappointed at the acquittals.

It was hoped, according to CNN, that her testimony would have supported a claim that would have set him up for life in prison. Though Sciorra’s testimony was key to the case, since it did not produce the proof needed to escalate the charges, it negatively affected the other two women. Sciorra could not sue because the alleged assault happened was outside of the statute of limitations.

What he has been convicted of still may lead to imprisonment. The sentence for the rape charge in the third degree ranges from probation to four years in prison. For his criminal sexual act in the first degree, he may get a minimum of five years in prison and up to as much as 25 years behind bars.

CNN breaks the charges and verdict down below:

  • Count one: Predatory sexual assault — NOT GUILTY
  • Count two: Criminal sexual act against Miriam Haley — GUILTY
  • Count three: Predatory sexual assault — NOT GUILTY
  • Count four: Rape in the first degree against Jessica Mann — NOT GUILTY
  • Count five: Rape in the third degree — GUILTY

Twitter exploded as one of the principal criminal faces of the #MeToo movement has been convicted, with Black Twitter stating he should share a bed with 82-year-old Bill Cosby who has already locked up.

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