Former NFL Pro Bowler and Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne “MoneyBo” Bowe, who has achieved major success with his career in the NFL, retired in early 2019 to follow his dreams of focusing on his music and spend more time with his family. 

Shortly after retirement, MoneyBo created 82 Entertainment, a record label that would house his love for music and eventually become the family business. Since his music debut, Bo has released hit songs like “Drip on Drip”, “Part of The Plan” & current single “Onna Wave” which has seen 74K views on YouTube since its release.

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MONEYBO is determined to kill the stigma that surrounds athletes not being good artist, by becoming the first “Raplete” to dominate both playing fields. MoneyBo created the term “rap-lete” (RAPper + athLETE) to create a platform for artists like himself who have been blessed with both talents.

BO is also OWN’s Network’s newest star as he and wife Theresa Bowe joins the cast of Love Goals. The newest celebrity relationship series follows the life of Dwayne, Theresa and family as BO navigate through life, leaving football and focuses on better his family and recording his music.