The Clipse aren’t the first rap group to rap about pushing weight, but they did it in an innovative way that changed the game forever.

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Pusha-T has pretty much been rapping about the same content for the last two decades and has been criticized for not switching it up or living his raps.

The group’s former manager, Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez, did an interview with Vlad TV and claimed that the Clipse was rapping about things that he did.


Geezy said they would turn their conversations into glorified bars and the rest is history.

“They never had to ask me about no idea off of what they have seen,” Gonzalez said. “But, I remember a couple of times it was a rap back in the day and me and him were sitting there talking and I said to him, I made a statement, for every car I got add nine O’s. It was me just talking in general when I said that and he looked at me but he ain’t say nothing. Then I heard him say it in a rhyme, ‘For every car I got add nine O’s.’ When I heard it, I was like, man I said that to him. He was good when it came to that type of stuff.”

Drake will definitely be happy to catch wind of this interview. Do you think Push will respond? Check out the full interview below: