Anthony Dirrell thinks Deontay Wilder is weird for blaming him for his coach throwing in the towel.

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Wilder spoke to Boxing Scene recently and revealed that he thought Dirrell unfairly influenced assistant trainer Mark Breland.

“It’s gone viral now, I don’t know why they think it was me, these people are weird,” Dirrell told Koncrete Jungle. “But if it was me, I can’t get nobody to stop this fight.”

Dirrell is a two-time WBC super middleweight champion. He sat ringside at the Wilder vs. Fury 2 fight.


“How’s somebody from the audience getting your corner to stop the fight? This s*** is weird, man. ‘They came up with this whole story that I was the reason that they stopped the fight because Sugar Hill is my trainer… what? ‘No where near [true]. Any publicity is good publicity so I ain’t trippin’ most of the time, but when somebody is slandering my name I am.

“It wasn’t even me, these fools… it’s life. ‘That’s crazy he fired his trainer, he was looking out for his best interests, that’s stupid. ‘It’s crazy, man. People blaming it on everything and it’s not true. ‘He said it was that suit that did it, I don’t believe that. I just believe he had an off night.”