Viola, a leading premium quality cannabis company founded by NBA veteran Al Harrington, has announced Viola Cares, the company’s official social equity initiative.

The goal of Viola Cares is to result in more than 10,000 jobs, hundreds of new business and expand the industry diversity by increasing representation, facilitating community building and providing employment opportunities.

The first effort within Viola Cares is Root & Rebound, the home of lawyers and advocates that will restore power and resources to communities that were impacted by mass incarceration due to the War on Drugs. The work will aim toward greater racial and economic equity, justice, collective liberation, and intergenerational healing. 

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From Root & Rebound will be the first-of-its-kind toolkit to assist those with cannabis convictions called A New Leaf: A ‘How-To Guide’ for Successful Reentry After A Cannabis Conviction.

“At Viola, we live and breathe the belief that a cannabis conviction should never be considered a life sentence,” said Al Harrington, Founder, Viola. “In joining forces with Root and Rebound, we will look to help those communities of color who have historically been the victims of cannabis-related incarceration and who have fallen on hard times, and turn those struggles into opportunities for success within this rapidly growing industry.”    

“We’re honored to be working side-by-side with Viola on such an important initiative–one that positively impacts thousands who have been unfairly stigmatized by their prior cannabis-related incarceration,” Katherine Katcher, Founder and Executive Director of Root and Rebound. “Together we’re changing that conversation, leveling the playing field for minorities and creating opportunities for those deserving of a second chance.”

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