It seems as though the “Drip Too Hard” rapper Lil Baby is setting the record straight about his love life. After recent a recent back and forth on twitter between the rapper’s baby mother, Jayda Cheaves and Alexis Sky has surfaced, the rapper has made it clear on how he feels at the moment.

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While Jayda and Lil Baby may have been your relationship goals, following her appearance in the music video for singles, “Close Friends” and “Catch The Sun,” Lil Baby has recently done an interview with Wallo 267 letting it be known where he stands in his love life. “I really ain’t too deep on love with a female — not right now,” the rapper states. “If I f*ck with you, I f*ck with you, but I can deal with you and not love you.”

Shortly after the interview hit social media, fans were blowing up Jayda’s notifications telling her to explain her side of the story in regards to Lil Baby’s comments. “Explain what? Y’all heard the man clear,” she wrote. “Lol I don’t even get the explanation but I guess it works. Thru all the bs I still maintain.”


Shortly after, Jayda explained that she will not be “going out sad” over Lil Baby’s comments. The two share a baby together, Loyal, who just turned one. This may be a terrible time, considering the fact that Jayda gifted her baby daddy $25k for his birthday. What do you think about the rapper’s comments?