Black Panther breakout star, Letitia Wright, is set to play twin sisters, June and Jennifer Gibbons in the film The Silent Twins. The movie is based on the 1986 book of the same name written by Marjorie Wallace.

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The story of the Gibbons sisters is interesting, to say the least. The girls only communicated to each other in their own language and eventually began living a life of crime. They were admitted into a high-level mental health facility and stayed there for 11 years.

A 2015 NPR report suggested that the doctors observed “deeply disturbed and dangerous” behavior by the girls. “Some days, only one twin would eat, and the next day, the other would indulge as her sister starved,” the report stated. “Other times, nurses would find them frozen in the same pose, even though they were locked in cells on opposite ends of the hospital.”


They were later transferred to another facility when Jennifer realized she had to die so the other twin can live a normal life. They made the pact and on their way to the new facility, Jennifer fell into a coma and died a short while later of acute myocarditis at 29 years old.

This is an amazing opportunity for Letitia Wright to flex her acting muscles portraying two odd characters at the same time.