Nicki Minaj knows how to give back to places where it matters. The newly wedded rapper recently paid a visit to the St. Jude’s Home for Girls in her native country, Trinidad and Tobago, and not only served a wealth of inspiration but declared she will extend the young ladies at the school with a helping hand by way of a $25,000 donation.

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“I wanna thank you for your work with the girls,” Nicki told the St. Judes personnel. “I wanna thank you for giving them hope and inspiration and they’ve even given me hope and inspiration being here today. And I wanna donate $25,000 to help the girls.”

Not only will the “Yikes” rapper be granting a generous donation, but she also plans on gifting the community’s youth with a recreational center, an idea she envisioned during the 2020 trip to her native land.
“I came to get ideas and you guys gave me a lot of great ideas on creating a building here in Trinidad where young people can go to and have recreational fun.”


Nicki spent a considerable amount of quality time with the young girls of St. Judes Trinidad with a peep talk touching on topics like career and relationships. She warned the adolescents about their bonds with young boys, giving them the early game on how to present themselves as secure young ladies.

“One thing I learned about love is that anybody that really loves you is willing to wait,” she said. Anybody that’s forcing you or pressuring you into anything does not love you.”

She continued, “One of the things I realized as well is you think for some strange reason that these boys are so amazing and they’re so this and they’re so that and that you ain’t gonna find nobody else, but you will.”

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Nicki traveled back to her stomping grounds of Trinidad and Tobago earlier this week, alongside her husband Kenneth Petty, to participate in what is known to be the biggest celebration of the Caribbean, the Trinidad Carnival. Minaj stunned fans on Instagram when she shared a flick of her dressed in her fete ready costume of feathers with multi shades of blue outlined with a purple and bejeweled corset.