Tee Grizzley is one of the few artists that popped from Detroit in recent years. Considering that Eminem is from the same place, and is hailed as one of the Hip Hop Goats, many wondered why he never showed the young emcee any love.

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Royce Da 5’9″ did an interview with The Breakfast Club where he explained that he advised Em to wait until the “No Effort” artist got bigger before they collaborated so Slim Shady doesn’t “take credit for his success.” There’s no telling what was his thought process, but Tee caught wind of it and wasn’t feeling it.

“Bro, what type of shit is that? You told this n***a wait. If anything that’ll help both of us. It gon’ make him look like a big homie in the city and it’s going to give me some more pull in this industry,” Tee Grizzley said and he has a perfect point. However, he’s not salty about it and he’s hoping to land a role in an 8 Mile follow-up if it ever happens.


Would you be down for a Tee x Em collab?