The ongoing beef between Oprah and 50 Cent continues, and will probably never end.

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On Saturday (Feb 29), Oprah took a little bit of a tumble while on stage during her 2020 Vision Tour at The Forum in Inglewood, CA. Ironically, Oprah was talking about balance right before she fell. The crowd gasped, but she brushed the fall off, citing she was wearing the wrong shoes.

Like always, social media had a field day with the jokes, and apparently so did 50 Cent. “👀what the fuck happen here, 🤦‍♂️😆michael jackson’s ghost trip her,” 50 posted along with the video.


Oprah had allowed Michael Jackson’s accusers to come on her show after the Leaving Neverland documentary had released 10 years after MJ’s death.

50 and Oprah have had a complicated relationship for some time now. When the news broke about Oprah’s involvement with the Russell Simmons #MeToo documentary, 50 came for Oprah citing that she only goes after Black men who are accused of sexual assault but turns a blind eye to white men who are accused of the same crime.

However, she fell back into 50’s good graces after her decision to pull out of the doc back in January.