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Zaya Wade is a happy, thoughtful and well-spoken child. It is quite remarkable to see her (with all the hoopla about her) smile and laugh like other young girls her age. Perhaps her disposition is because her parents are type awesome. It also could be a nod that somewhere, deep down in her spirit, she is what we all really want to be… comfortable in the search of who she really is.

Most people are not comfortable searching. They are stuck in what people say they are… or trying to be someone that they think is cooler/ better. There is nothing wrong with either of those existences… either… you just should be clear.

So the question is: Is her happiness the most important thing to us? And if so, what evidence does the public need to back off and let her live?


To that point, over the weekend, the Wades released clips of Zaya at what seems to be a Black History Month celebration and she is singing her heart out.

The cheerleader and now choir member ends the month of February on an upbeat, after experiencing some of Hip-Hop’s biggest talents trying to belittle her self-identity. She emerges, not defending herself, but celebrating.

Congrats, boo. We are rooting for your joy.

Check out this clip of our girl getting busy with her classmates.