Daytona Rose is from Dublin, Ireland, home of U2 and she’s got next! Although extremely quiet and shy, music was how Rose expressed herself and has always been her “safe place” growing up with such a painful childhood.

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Her family struggled through many tough times and it wasn’t easy for her parents to provide for her and her siblings. Her father was barely home and worked full time in the police department, while her mother suffered from an illness. Rose went to an all Irish speaking high-school after being in a predominately English speaking school. When she neared close to graduation, her piano teacher – who was one of her biggest mentors – unexpectedly died. She enrolled in Dublin’s Ballyfermot College to study music and that’s where she honed in on her songwriting skills.

Rose threw herself into work and was writing songs, while modeling on television, trying to stay busy and distract from what was going on in her home. She flew to Los Angeles to work with Kevin McCall (Chris Brown) and Autumn Rose (Leona Lewis). She also worked with Juelz Santana on the song “Party”. The party ended for Rose when she found out her mother was diagnosed with cancer. 


Rock bottom then struck. She went on a date with a friends boss, a mutual friend and ended up being assaulted, drugged and raped. She was hospitalized and police and detectives were called. That horrible experience traumatized her very deeply and changed her. She suffered from severe PTSD and basically gave up on life. Through therapy she was able to slowly rebuild her life – and naturally the road lead back to music.

She met Corey Chorus (Demi Lovato, Rihanna) in New York and started writing with him. She started releasing music under the alias Daytona Rose, with “Rose” named after her mother’s name. Having an alias gave her a rebirth, and a sense of freedom to break free from her traumatic past and all the emotional baggage she was carrying. She’s taking charge of her musical career and nothing can stop her. Every rose does indeed have a thorn.