Yes, they’re even claiming that they wrote some of the lyrics to “Tear Da Club Up” too.

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A group of artists from Memphis who have allegedly recorded, produced and written songs with the legendary Three 6 Mafia are claiming that the Academy Award winning group stole their recordings and were never compensated at all.

The group is suing Three 6 Mafia for copyright infringement, as well as seeking an injunction to stop Juicy J and DJ Paul from profiting from anymore of their work.


According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, the group claims that Three 6 committed “over 150 acts of copyright infringement from more than 100 individual sound recordings.” Songs such as “Memphis” and “Tear Da Club Ip”, two of the group’s biggest hits, had their origins with this group of artists who said that they was on the come up in the rap game alongside DJ Paul and Juicy J in the early and mid 90s.

The group of artists, who are being represented by Bradley Eiseman, are suing for an unspecified amount in damages and an immediate injunction on all of Three 6’s previous recordings. will bring you updates on this story as it develops.