On this date 27 years ago, Gusto and the gang showed us what gangsta Hip-Hop is all about.

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In 1993, Chris Rock, Allen Payne and Charlie Murphy gave their own take of how things go down behind the scenes with gangsta rappers vs. real-life gangsters in the comedy flick CB4. Directed by and starring Rock, CB4 was a parody that pokes fun at “the world’s most dangerous group” N.W.A. and features several Hip Hop notables including Ice-T, Ice Cube, Flavor Flav and the late Eazy-E.

Murphy, who played the role of “Gusto”, is a certified “G’ who is “three generations deep in gangsterdom.” Rock, who plays up and coming rapper Albert Brown from “LoCash” California, jack Gusto’s gangster look, background and persona, becoming MC Gusto after the “gangsta” Gusto went to prison. The group that Rock’s character formed, who were called CB4, which stood for gangsta Gusto’s prison location ‘Cell Block 4″, took the rap world by storm until reality hit; Gusto gets out of jail.


The soundtrack featured numerous established artists including Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, The Beastie Boys and MC Ren of N.W.A. Vet MC Daddy-O was the voice on several of the movies’ remakes including “Sweat From My Balls”, “Straight Outta LoCash” and “Rapper’s Delight”.

Salute to Rock, Charlie Murphy (RIP), Allen Payne and even Daddy-O of Stetsasonic for his voiceovers in the film. CB4 is definitely a comedic learning tool and will forever be a piece of Hip-Hop history!