Like father like daughter.

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North West took the stage to close out Kanye West’s Fashion Show in Paris on Monday, March 2. Although Ye debuted his new Yeezy Season 8 fashion line, it was his daughter who stole the show.

“What are those? These are clothes,” rapped North West.


The show lasted just under seven minutes. Yeezy Season 8 coincided with the celebration of Women’s History History Month. All models were women. They circled around a dome-like structure as their runway, while their reflections displayed on a large LED screen in the background. Because it took place outside, the trains played as the soundtrack Many of the new Yeezy selections varied. The selection included puffer jacket, vests, and boots geared towards Winter or Fall Seasons, with halter tops, pants, and baseball like tops for Spring and Summer months. Kanye sported the baseball-like shirt leading up to the Season 8 reveal.