Harvey Weinstein was found guilty last week on two charges, including rape, and was taken into custody.

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But after he complained about chest pains he was admitted into Bellevue Hospital instead of jail. A rep for the disgraced mogul told Variety he will most stay “there until sentencing on March 11.”

Last week photos of Weinstein post-conviction surfaced on the web and it sparked controversy because he was in the hospital’s common area watching television in an undershirt. Many people, including his accusers, questioned if he was getting special treatment.


Harvey Weinstein’s legal team claim claims it was doctor’s orders that he got transported to the hospital instead of Rikers Island.

“The treating doctors think that’s where he should be — it’s that simple,” one of Weinstein’s attorneys, Arthur Aidala, told Variety over the phone on Wednesday.

“It’s no secret he was under several doctors’ care over the course of the last couple of months,” Aidala says. “The doctors at Bellevue, up until today, at least, have determined that he’s not ready to go to a non-medical facility. It’s totally up to the medical team to make that determination. Obviously, nobody wants anything to happen to Mr. Weinstein because of his health.”