According to CNN, Iran will temporarily be releasing 54,000 prisoners and deploy health workers as officials in efforts to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus.

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Wednesday, Iran reported that their death toll from the deadly disease has risen to 92. The nation has felt obligated to make more moves against the infection after Iraq, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain announced cases with connections to the Iranian city of Qom, where a few sacred destinations are normally visited by enormous groups. 586 cases have been reported overnight, bringing up the total count of cases in Iran to an alarming 2,922.

The Iran government stated that any individuals who are trying to leave Qom would be quarantined on the off chance that they show any symptoms of the coronavirus. Medical examiners plan to start taking the temperatures of anyone who attempts to leave the city. Deputy Dean Ali Abrazi shares that the University of Medical Science’s plans to build a field hospital in hopes to tackle the infectious disease.


Vice President Eshaq Jahanghiri, has suspended travel to international gatherings and or conference in the meantime following 23 members of parliament who tested positive for the disease.

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