People are outraged as a Brooklyn bus driver is seen on camera spitting in a woman’s face in front of her two children.

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Things turned left as the upset mom was seen getting off the bus with a stroller, 2 children and several bags and shortly after the bus driver sprinted off the bus leaving the bus to spit in the woman’s face.

The cell phone footage begins with the mom and her kids getting off of a B25 at Fulton Street as she screams curses. The driver initially remained inside his vehicle.


“He think he tough? F–k outta here!” the mom, wearing a green jacket and camouflage leggings, screamed during her tirade, adding, “Get the f–k outta my face.”

As she walked off, pushing a young child in a stroller — and with another daughter struggling to keep up while carrying a backpack, a toy stroller and several shopping bags.

They were almost at the corner of the block when the driver suddenly sprung from the bus, more than 35 seconds after the mom and her kids had left his vehicle.

“Leave her alone! Leave her alone!” called a male voice from behind the camera.

The driver can be seen running right up to the woman, quickly leaning in as though he is spitting — with the eldest of the two kids watching in fear.

“Why would you spit in her face again?” the male voice implored, suggesting it was not the first time.

“See! Now I’m gonna call the cops.” However, police said Tuesday that they had no report of the incident. The driver who has not been identified — was removed from service during a probe, the MTA said.

“The bus operator depicted in this disturbing video is being held out of service while we conduct an investigation and we encourage anyone with information to contact us,” said a spokesman for the MTA.
Watch the shocking video below.

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