Chief Keef forbids any false accounts related to his cousin’s death.

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Back in January of 2018, Fredo Santana was found unresponsive in his home by his girlfriend. After suffering from a severe seizure, the 27-year-old rapper was pronounced dead. The autopsy revealed that the seizure was brought on by a cardiovascular disease. Fredo’s death was a huge shock to Hip-Hop fans around the world.

Following his death, it was speculated that his drug addiction played a significant role in his death. Similar to a number of rappers, he was no stranger to codeine cough syrup. His younger cousin, Chief Keef took to Twitter to dispel those rumors.


“N***as say my cousin died of lean again and he didn’t I’m f**king beating the ass,” exclaimed the “Love Sosa” rapper.

Although Santana’s direct cause of death was not his drug addiction, it certainly did not help his health either. Fans can now confirm that the direct cause was from a cardiovascular disease.

After passing at the age of 27, Santana joined a number of musicians, artists, and athletes to pass away at that age. He remains a prominent force in leading and ushering in the Chicago drill era.