Juelz Santana, Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and Freekey Zekey formed a hip-hop group in Harlem called The Diplomats. Some of the group’s most known songs include “Dipset Anthem,” “I’m Ready,” and “This is What I Do.”

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While fans may have enjoyed the group’s songs with each other, fans are now speculating if the group may be making songs….against each other. Juelz Santana, currently serving a two-year sentence for attempting to bring a loaded gun through the airport has released a mixtape from behind bars titled, FREESANTANA. One of the songs on the mixtape titled, “In My Life” seems to be taking some shots at group member, Cam’ron. The friendship between the two has always been in question but fans may be solving the mystery after Juelz had some things to get off his chest, that could possibly be about the Paid In Full actor.

“I was the loyalest n*gga you ever met. Now I wish I was a n*gga you never met. This was supposed to be a forever thing. Now it’s just a whatever thing long as the cheddar’s clean. I repped us over everything. Never thought these were the ties I would have to consider severing.”

Juelz Santana on “In My Life”

Another set of lyrics that fans suspect is towards Killa Cam reads, “You ain’t building sh*t by yourself n*gga. You just forgot that we all need help n*gga. For worse or for better. But that just taught me that nothing is forever.”


Kimbella nor Juelz have confirmed if the song is an actual diss to Cam’ron, however, regardless the rapper has clearly had some things to get off his chest.