Marion “Suge” Knight must pay an early investor of Death Row Records, Lydia Harris $107 million dollars. According to NBC Los Angeles, a judge has reaffirmed a 2005 court order.

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Knight allegedly never paid her.

Harris claimed that she and her husband Michael Harris were early investors in Knight’s Death Row Records in 1989. She was the company’s first Vice President.


In her original lawsuit, Harris claims that she was forced out of Death Row Records after the company began making money. Ultimately, the judge ruled in her favor.

On September 20th, 2019, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Sotelo voided the ruling against Knight.

Harris’ lawyer, Dermot Givens, claimed that Knight had reached an agreement with Harris’ lawyers. However, Harris stated that Wasserman, Comden & Casselman “wrongfully obtained the judgment” in 2005.

Judge Sotelo reversed his ruling in December of 2019. It reaffirmed that Knight owed Harris over $100 million dollars.

When reinstating his decision, Judge Sotelo said, “This is a very old case with big names and big numbers.”