Chicago Feds did a raid on one of R. Kelly’s storage units and seized almost 100 electronic devices (video cameras, iPads, hard drives, computers, cell phones, etc.) from the facility. Many are wondering (and his camp probably are worried) about what the courts will find on them.

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The prosecution is hoping that they will find more discriminating evidence pointing to the award-winning singer’s alleged pedophilia.

Until then, the singer’s trial that was scheduled for next month… that will be placed on ice… and postponed until this new evidence is thoroughly sorted through.


The public was made aware of this most recent raid during what is considered a routine arraignment for Kelly. During this proceeding, both sides were addressing an indictment filed in February alleging (yet again) that during his early years in the industry, he sexually abused another minor from 1997 to 2001 (overlapping his years with now-deceased Aaliyah).

According to The Chicago Tribune, no one wanted to postpone the trial but needed more time to review the iPads, cell phones, and other devices that they found during the officially warrant-ed search.

The raid was conducted at a storage unit near the O’Hare International Airport and is said to store the “Pied Piper of R&B’s” tour equipment.

According to the Chicago Tribune, his will not be the first time that this particular unit has been searched. A few months ago, for other separate criminal charges filed in New York, lawyers went there to gather evidence.

“It’s where he keeps his tour bus, stage equipment, and all sorts of computers,” Attorney Steve Greenberg said. “It’s stuff like the iPad that the sound guy uses…they aren’t going to find anything.”

Emotions are high as Kelly has been locked for almost a year on the original 13-count federal indictment including paying off witnesses, getting them to change their stories and paying big bucks to gather all of the tapes floating around that could have hurt his 2008 child pornography where he was acquited.

He and his two former employees (longtime manager Derrell McDavid and former employee Milton “June” Brown) are currently on trial. They have all asserted their innocence.