Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast is one of the hottest podcasts in the culture, but in episode 48 the now duo of Gillie Da King and Wallo 267 made a change to the roster after a financial dispute between co-hosts.

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Now 50 episodes in fans noticed that Devin Wade better known as Dev Nasty was absent from the last two episodes, and Gillie revealed some details in the form of a meme on Instagram as to why Dev hasn’t been on set. “When a n***a ask for 15 percent of ur company and he’s the sound guy,” Gillie wrote under a photo of he and Wallo’s interview with The Breakfast Club.

Dev was not only 1/3 of the M worth of Game podcasters, but he was also the producer of the show and, according to Dev himself, was the owner of the facilities where the recording took place.


Wade posted a cryptic message on Instagram regarding the situation, but also thanked everyone for the support as he celebrates his 40th birthday.

In the comments on the post, Wade addressed the situation saying that he won’t change his IG bio that reads “Producer of mworthofgame” because “nobody can take away your accolades or resume.”

Wallo has not commented on the situation publicly. The Barstool sports sponsored podcast currently has more than 114,000 subscribers on YouTube.