A very not so secret thing about the NBA is that small-market teams feel like they can’t keep superstars long term. While this seems to be true, the Milwaukee Bucks could be the next small-market team that may have this huge problem sooner than later.

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Recently, Stephen A. Smith was at the Sloan Sports Conference where he was asked by Jackie MacMullan whether or not big-name players still want to play for small market teams. During his answer, Smith said that a source told him that Giannis Antetokounmpo plans on leaving Milwaukee if the team doesn’t make the NBA Finals.

Currently, the Bucks are 53-9 with the best record in the NBA. Last year after losing in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Toronto Raptors, this very topic first came up. If Giannis leaves Milwaukee, he wouldn’t be the first superstar to do so. Kareem Abdul-Jubbar once left Milwaukee after a championship season to go to the Los Angeles Lakers and then became a legend in the game. Will Giannis do the same? Stay tuned.