Yesterday a video went viral of a 4-year old girl named Ariyonna looking in the camera as she cried and called herself ugly. 

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The girl was talking to her hairdresser while getting her locks done when Ariyonna says, “I’m so ugly!” Her hairdresser immediately told her, “Don’t say that! You are so pretty! When you look at yourself you suppose to say, ‘I am so pretty’— you got the prettiest little dimples, you are so cute.”

Then the little girl begins crying in a tone very familiar to black women across the world.


We all cried for the little girl as we know the feeling of pain and rejection from the world because of the color of our skin. I saw myself in the little girl who cried in pain because her beauty did not match the world’s standard of beauty.  Growing up and seeing fair skin and blue eyes many of us played second to girls who had the long curly hair. We’ve also witnessed society break down our confidence as we spend a lifetime trying to erase those thoughts.  It’s our job to teach the youth things we weren’t taught and remind children ‘Black is Beautiful’ no matter what anyone says.

The hairdresser reminded me of the 1 or 2 people I came across as a child that would try to uplift my spirits and saw the sadness in my eyes. Thank you @lilwavedaddy. The entire community supports and uplifts your efforts.
Watch the video below.

And in a beautiful update, LilWaveDaddy posted this update: I gave Ariyonna a quote to recite and now she won’t stop saying “I’m Black & Beautiful” 😍 Devil you won’t steal this baby joy ! Thank you to everyone who sent kind words to Ariyonna 💕 today she’s more confident and vibrant like any other day but just more of it ! God is def moving in this place ! Pray for your kids even if they’re not yours . Pray for em anyway !

Well said and God Bless you LilWaveDaddy!